From SORE to SOAR: Charting the Course to Achieving Greater Success and Fulfillment

From SORE to SOAR: Charting the course toward greater success and fulfillment 

In this eight-week online program, you will

* Gain clarity on your vision for your career and life,

* Understand what’s gotten in your way and how not to let that stop you,

* Activate your network to support your achieving your vision, and,

* Craft and implement a plan that will see you measuring and monitoring your progress toward your vision.

How the Program is Structured

Each Monday, you will receive access to that week's course materials. These materials will prepare you for our weekly live group sessions. Each Thursday from 7-8 pm EST, we will meet to share successes and struggles and receive support toward our continued progress.

Through the private platform for the coursework, you will have a place to save your work and to go back and revisit any lessons as often as you'd like.



The Eight Modules we will cover in From SORE to SOAR

Module 0: Getting Ready to SOAR

Module 1: Discover Your Destination

Module 2: Develop a Growth Mindset

Module 3: Build Your Support Network

Module 4: Develop Your Plan to SOAR

Module 5: Starting to SOAR

Module 6: Staying the Course - Making Progress Amidst Everyday Realities

Module 7: SOARing to Greater Heights

How much time will it take?

Plan on 2 hours per week. The first hour will be to work through that week's course materials (which you can do at your pace anytime between Monday and Thursday). The second hour will be the live, virtual session each Thursday.

Why This? Why Now?

You've worked hard to build a career and reputation, but your work no longer brings you the same joy and satisfaction. You're finding it harder and harder to motivate yourself to get through each week, each day, each hour.

You live for weekends and vacations but even those have lost their luster. You're constantly tired, frustrated, and short-tempered. Your friends and family have noticed how unhappy you are.

You feel like you're trapped. You have a good title, make good money, and work for a good company. So, by all accounts, you should be happy, right?

You think that this is just the way it is.

The idea that you can be successful and enjoy yourself is just a pipe dream. And, even if you wanted to do something different, you wouldn't know where to start.

How do I know this? Because this was my story.

I'd spent two decades building my reputation in HR. I was really good at my job and my title and pay reflected it. The problem was, I was miserable. The environment I was in no longer worked for me. 

But, I was the primary breadwinner for our family, and HR was all I knew.

It took me getting laid off to have the courage to break those chains.

What Makes This Course Different from Others?

I've done extensive research into transformational teaching and learning, to understand more deeply how to support professionals in achieving their vision. And, I've had the privilege of doing just that for hundreds of individuals through my coaching practice. Now I'm making all of that available to you.


If you do all of the work in and out of the live sessions and don't have a roadmap at the end of the program, I'll work with you one-on-one for up to two additional sessions to get you there.


The investment for this program is $1,495. However, if you register by April 19th, you can take advantage of the Early Bird pricing of just $795.


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Your Coach 

Your Coach, is a successful coach, business owner, public speaker and writer. She holds a BA from Stonehill College, MA and is a graduate of Coach University, with over 200 hours of coach specific training.

Her experience as a fortune 500 corporate HR manager, trainer and communications specialist made her an advocate for partnership, collaboration, taking action and building on ones strengths and experiences to create a life and work that is fun, flexible, energizing, contributory and financially rewarding.

Her coaching clients have realized gains in all areas of their personal and business worlds including organization, accountability, focus, communication skills, self-development and bottom line financial success.

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